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     Hello, I'm Paul S. Palmer, director, Palmer Hypnosis Clinic and Sports Motivation Clinic, author Performing Under Pressure. I have worked with many applications of hypnosis at the Palmer Smoking Clinic in my 30 plus years, smoking, performance anxiety, sports, and weight control being the most familiar. The programs below are excellent examples of what hypnotherapy can accomplish. In all applications you are releasing your minds natural ability to heal and restore. Each program includes the custom CD of your hypnosis session to continue working with hypnosis after you leave my office. Office visit (1 1/2 hr.) including the custom CD is only $250. Summer cash discount 10% new clients.

Performance Anxiety

      Palmer Hypnosis Clinic, ChicagoIt's a broad category but it includes areas like public speaking, stage fright as in the performing arts, test anxiety, presentations, lectures and any situation where the pressure turns you into a basket case. Hypnosis is a prefect vehicle for preparing the mind for pressure situations. You use the hypnosis to practice at home and gain your confidence away from the situation. Performance anxiety and hypnosis, a match made in heaven.

Phobias: Fear Management

     If you live with fears that seem to be controlling your life, hypnosis can be the answer. Fear is debilitating and it comes in every form imaginable. Phobias occur for a variety of reasons, some make sense especially if you have had a bad experience and sometimes fear appears out of nowhere. In either case hypnosis has been an excellent tool for restoring normal concerns. Making your fears manageable is how this application works. It's a thousand times better for you than medication, it uses your own minds ability to heal and it's affordable.


     Again a broad category and similar to performance anxiety but on a more common day to day experience level. We are all under stress, aren't we? Some have found ways to deal with it but many more watch their mental and physical health deteriorate because they have no clue how to cope with stress. Hypnosis has been used for stress reduction and management for decades because reducing stress is a natural byproduct of the hypnosis process. Using hypnosis to relax and dump the stress is such an easy application, it's a wonder everybody isn't doing it. Oh, I know why. We have drugs to help us relax and change our moods with chemistry. Hypnosis is the healthy alternative to drug therapy. It's all natural, with no side effects and that makes sense to my clients. The CD guides you through the relaxation and shows you how to begin doing it on your own.

Pain Control

     Working with pain is one of the oldest hypnosis applications. It's not a miracle cure but a way to use your mind's natural ability to help the body cope with pain. Hypnosis has been used in natural child birth, dentistry, with burn patients, and to speed up post-operative recovery, just to name a few applications. Just how hypnosis works with pain is an area that has been a mystery and a surprise for over one hundred years. It appears that hypnosis can help direct the body's natural abilities to heal itself. I also specialize in Sports Injury Recovery.

Past Life Memories

     Palmer Hypnosis Clinic, ChicagoFor ten years, I participated in various research studies that involved Past Life Hypnotic Regression. Gaining reference in the movie Beyond and Back, the dubious distinction of an article in the National Enquirer and a lecture invitation at the First International UFO Conference on hypnosis for abductee memories, are but a few of my credentials in this area. I was a skeptic, I wanted hard evidence, I read many remarkable stories of regular people having past life memories while being hypnotized. Was it all true? Was It a hoax? Well, I'm still not quit sure what our subjects were giving us, that's why the book never got written. What I can tell you is hundreds of folks had memories, some quit remarkable in detail about people and places they weren't familiar with before the hypnosis.
    In your office visit you are taken through the hypnosis process several times and given a CD of that visit to continue working with your memories. This is the same procedure used on 1600 subjects to help them recall events that many thought were evidence of having lived before. Cool huh!

     If you have questions about the use of hypnosis for a particular problem, you can call and talk to me in complete confidence. If I think hypnosis can help, I'll explain why and if I think hypnosis is not a good solution, I'll tell you that too. Try getting that advise anywhere else! 708-824-9057, Back Home

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