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Palmer Smoking Clinic Prices

Individual Smoking Cessation Program:
$250. 1 1/2 Hrs.

     The original, the best, one-on-one program. Everything about the process is explained and then you are taken through the hypnosis twice, to insure you are completely comfortable with the process. It's a double session of hypnosis in the same visit. Only available at the Palmer Clinic. $45.oo deposit required to hold your appointment time, Visa/MC or mail check.

Palmer Smoking Clinic: Hours by Appointment
 Monday through Friday, 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM


     The original program but you share the appointment with a friend. It's not like group hypnosis in a room with strangers. You go through the process with someone you know. It helps with the cost and the camaraderie of quitting together can be invaluable. You are taken through the hypnosis twice in the same visit. 1 1/2 Hrs. ($45. deposit required)

If you fall off the wagon...

     Smokers fall off the wagon and I'm pleased to say, it's not because the hypnosis stopped working one day. Smokers fall off the wagon for a variety of dumb reasons. (That's what they call them!) The good news is, it's easy to put you back on the wagon once you have gone through the program.

Return Visit: @ $130. (Twice through the hypnosis).
     Taking you through the hypnosis twice in the same visit has always been a unique feature of the Palmer Smoking Clinic and for so many reasons, the best way to do it. It's similar to your first session but without the detailed explanation that you are already familiar with. In and out in less than an hour.


     I can bring my Smoking Program to your home or office. If you can't travel to my office or feel more comfortable in your own environment, call and setup a visit. Cost for a house call (same 1 1/2 hour program as the office) begins at $450 for a individual session, if less than 1 hour drive from my office (Midlothian, IL.).There is a $50. extra charge for longer distances or parking and a $50. charge for each additional participant or observer. Morning and weekend appointments available too.

Company and Group Smoking Programs

     Corporate and Group Smoking Seminars at your location begin at $1200, for up to 20 people, in the Chicago area. (You don't need twenty to hold a program.) Call for outside of the Chicago area rates.

Weight Control 2019

Weight Control: $250. Includes a CD of the session so you can keep the program working.
 Very effective program that works with real food. It's not another diet!
Special this month when you share the program with a friend. $145.00 each. See the 'Weight" tab for more details.

ALL OTHER OFFICE HYPNOSIS PROGRAMS, $250. and include a custom CD

If you need a special office appointment time. Mornings or weekends, at $299.


     I offer no phony guarantees. I don't have any fine print. Like any professional service you are paying for the time and the expertise. But more important, each smoker is different and their motivation to quit is different. Most of my clients would smoke their brains out, if there wasn't a health issue or the social stigma. Smokers smoke because they like it and quit for other reasons. The long history of smokers quitting, no matter what method, is they fall off the wagon, and often at the least provocation. I am trying to help you beat that trend. Plus, hypnosis is a new experience for most. I've seen it take between one and three sessions to quit with most of my clients needing only the first session. I'll do the best job I can but you have to follow the directions and not pick them up again on a whim.

Why A Deposit?

     Because some smokers change their mind about quitting after they make an appointment and don't let me know. Result: I have an 11/2 time slot I could have given to someone who wanted to come in. A $45.oo deposit per person will be asked for any first visit. A $45.oo deposit for small groups. The deposit may be mailed (check or money order) or Charge Card over the phone. Refundable with 24 hours notice. Missed appointments and same day cancellations are billed at $45.oo per person.

For your protection and mine, hypnosis sessions are digitally recorded.

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