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     I'm Paul S. Palmer, director Sports Motivation Clinic and author of Performing Under Pressure, solving performance anxiety. Helping athletes in the Chicago IL. area fix their Mental Game FAST.

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     Sports Psychology is not just for elite athletes. Every athlete from grammar school to the pros needs to control their mental game. Some athletes play on raw physical talent and get by, but the smart ones discover how to maximize their physical abilities with a strong mental game. How you play when it counts (under pressure) is more important than being the best physical specimen on the field.

What does an Office Visit cost?

     A private session for any amateur athlete and your own custom CD, the cost is only $250. Pros pay $2500. During busy times, a $45.00 deposit will be asked to hold your appointment time. Refundable with 24 hour notice. Visa/MasterCard, Discover.

Coaches & Instructors

     Game time is 90% mental, you better be an expert in all the nuances that control mental performance. Are you? The best game plan, the best conditioning regiment and thousands of repetitions mean nothing if your athletes don't know where their Peak Performance Zone is at. Recognizing where that ZONE is at, is the only way to be there, with 3 clicks left on the clock. Do you teach them how to find their ZONE and how to stay there, under pressure? If you don't, the most important part of game time performance will always be a crap shoot. I teach athletes how to recognize and practice being in their Peak Performance Zone. I could teach you too!

Attention Moms and Dads!

     Got a kid with some physical talent? How well do they perform under pressure? How are their grades? Thinking of college? Average cost of a state college is $24,000 a year. A private college can cost $55,000 and more. I hate to bring it up but there are half a million other kids, just as physically gifted looking for a SCHOLARSHIP. Coaches look for the ability to play under pressure. If your athlete is blessed with physical ability, they can play that card for a while. But as they rise through each new level of competition the need for mental toughness increases. You already know that! Don't wait to get them help developing their mental game!

What Sports do you work with?

     EVERY SPORT. The mental side of competition and pressure is the same for every sport. Helping athletes that choke under pressure is what my program is all about. The most obvious sports I work with are baseball, football, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey and injury rehab.

Don't live near Chicago?

     Then you have to buy my Book. Performing Under Pressure has everything you need to know about sports psychology in one small, readable package. Touch below to order or review.

Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago

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