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Stop Smoking BookIf you don't live in the Midwest and can't come to the office for a private session, you can do the next best thing. Buy my book: It has all the secrets of the country's most successful smoking cessation program.

   I’m Paul S. Palmer, PhB, MA, director of the Palmer Smoking Clinic, Chicago, helping smokers quit since 1985. How my program works will surprise you. It starts with the belief that quitting smoking is really dealing with a monster habit problem and not just an addiction to nicotine; an addiction that fades away in 72 hours, according to experts. Then why do the effects of quitting last so long, months in some cases? It’s your monster habit that continues to haunt you, call you and make you uncomfortable.  In order to quit successfully you need to deal with the habit part of smoking from day one. I’ll tell you exactly how that is done.  For the cost of a pack of smokes, you can learn everything you need to know about quitting.

About the author:
   Paul S. Palmer, PhB, MA, is a lifelong educator having taught High School and College.  He has worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over thirty years. He is director of the Palmer Smoking Clinic and the Sports Motivation Clinic, since 1985. Author: Performing Under Pressure, Amazon eBooks and Amazon Paperbacks, helping athletes perfect their mental game. He has conducted thousands of stop-smoking seminars both with and without hypnosis. Mr. Palmer is an Eagle Scout with three palms, a Barbershop singer and international Bronze medalist and a Bagpiper, frequently seen in his kilted outfit.

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