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 Use the food you love to help you lose weight. The Food Lovers Diet!

Sound impossible? Sound too good to be true? Sound completely different?

     It is, and it's the NEW weight loss program you've been waiting for. The Palmer Weight Control Program, isn't a diet in any traditional sense. You get to eat regular food, the kind of food you go back to after you blow your diet, the food you already love and crave. Call it the Food Lovers Diet.

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What does it cost?

Only $250. for an 1 1/2 hour office visit at the Palmer Smoking Clinic and a CD to continue using the program after you see me.
 Summer Cash Discount 10% New Clients

Lose weight with a friend and save.
 Two people sharing the the same time only $145. each.

The science behind the programs.

      We have known for decades that your favorite foods trigger your dopamine receptors (the pleasure part of your brain). That's why they are called comfort foods. You really do get a change in your brain chemistry from chocolate that you don't get from green beans or rice cakes. For years the experts thought this change was a direct chemical reaction to sugar or chocolate but it turns out to be 100% perception. You sure? Yes! Just eating plain chocolate doesn't trigger anything, it has to be packaged and presented the way you recognize it. Try eating a spoon-full of sugar, does it satisfy you? NO!

You can't ignore your pleasure foods.

     Weight Control, Palmer Hypnosis ClinicYou learn about pleasure foods from childhood, your family, your culture and from the bazillion dollar industry called Advertising, they know all about cultivating your pleasure centers. After you have been thoroughly indoctrinated and your pleasure centers primed and ready to eat something good, diets take them all away from you. Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment doesn't it? Without your comfort foods you are in dieting hell! That's why dieting makes you goofy! Your brain wants the good stuff!

     On the Palmer Program, I'll teach you how and when to eat your favorite foods and lose weight at the same time. Let me say it again. You eat your comfort foods and still lose weight.

How in the world could I lose weight doing that?

     By cutting proportions. That is one of the things hypnosis can support very well. Cutting proportions is what all diets are trying to do but they are doing it with food you hate. With the Palmer Program you feel satisfied on half of what you ate before. Half the calories and all the fun and all the satisfaction of eating your favorite foods. Half the calories everyday should help anyone lose weight. Right? Hypnosis also helps you plug in your long term weight loss goals. Very important to getting there.

What's the catch? I'd eat Bonbons all day if you'd let me?

     You could, but my clients surprisingly don't. The secret to this program is how you use your favorite foods instead of being controlled by them. The psychological pick-me-up you get from your favorite foods, I call the PERK. Eating, identifying and using your perk foods is the secret ingredient of the Palmer Weight Program.

I eat bad food, never exercise and I don't like anything that's good for me.

     That's OK, that is where most of my clients are starting from. Besides, you already know switching to diet foods and changing your eating patterns, only works for a short time. You always come back home, so that is where this program starts. You eat foods you already love and I show you how to manipulate those old favorites. This opens the door to adding lower calorie, healthier foods as you go along. You already know what's healthy to eat, the Palmer Weight Program lets you introduce those foods to your eating style, slowly and comfortably.

Palmer Hypnosis Clinic Weight LossWhat about exercise? Can you make me exercise?

     Exercise becomes a natural part of achieving your goal for most of my clients but not because hypnosis made you do it but because it feels like the right thing to do. You are using the minds natural ability to guide you in a positive direction, toward the size and shape you want to become. Eventually you begin to eat and exercise the way you need to in order to reach your goal.

Sounds like magic.

      It's not magic, it's not voodoo. It's using hypnosis the way it has been used successfully in dozens of other areas such as sports performance anxiety, phobias, pain control, etc. You are using hypnosis to plug in your goals and letting your own mind guide you to the solution. It's one of the best uses of hypnosis and historically the bread and butter behind most hypnosis applications.

But I have tried hypnosis before and it didn't work.

     I know, and here is why. Every application of hypnosis I am aware of has tried to use hypnosis to make dieting work. That's what the Client asked for! Aversion is something else they tried to force hypnosis to accomplish. You know, make you hate chocolate cake and love spinach instead. Nothing is going to make that happen. What you like to eat isn't going to change under any circumstances and nothing is going to make traditional dieting work, including hypnosis.

Weight Loss, Palmer Hypnosis Clinic, ChicagoWhy is dieting a dirty word?

     I don't want to take any more space than necessary to remind you that study after study in the past thirty years has pointed to a better than 90% failure rate in the best diets, designed by the most knowledgeable people in the field of nutrition. We wouldn't buy anything else that fails 90% of the time, yet we still search for the perfect diet. Dieting is temporary, unnatural, sometimes unhealthy and always uncomfortable. Is it any wonder people hate to diet and can't wait to get off of them.

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